Getting the Parts For My New RepRap Prusa

Here’s a list of all the parts for my Prusa Mendel RepRap where I bought them and their costs.

  1. $95Stepper Motors x 5
    I got the Nema 17 2A bipolar 4 wire connection stepper motor. Any bipolar 4, 6, 8 wire connection will work as long as the holding torque is greater than 3 kg*cm. If you’re unsure about what to get for yourself just go to and get the ones there. You need 5 steppers because one axis uses two steppers and one stepper is needed to drive the PLA plastic feed.
  2. $0Printed Plastic Parts
    I actually got these parts from a friend, but you can order them from ebay. Search for “prusa” and get an SAE kit if you go with the same hardware store parts I did. THey should cost somewhere around $40 for just the plastic printed parts.
  3. $96 x Bearings 608ZZ 8x22x7
    Get 6 608 bearings for your RepRap. Buying a few extra is a good idea.
  4. $0Fans
    Luckily I had a friend with a few 40 mm fans that I could have. You’ll need 3 or 4 of them. They are available from alltronics or ultimachine.
  5. $30Power Supply
    I got a 20 A 12 V power supply. Any power supply will work that has 12 V and at least 5 A or 15 A if you are going to run a hotpad.
  6. $66PLA Plastic
  7. $60Hardware Store Odds and Ends
    A couple metal rods and belts that can’t be printed.
  8. $200RAMP Complete Set Preassembled
    The RAMPS set is the guts of the Prusa, including the Arduino Mega microcontroller and the Pololu Stepper Motor Drivers
  9. $86Hot End Extruder Kit
    I got the the 36 mm length .35 mm diameter with the wooden mounting pieces.

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