How to Add Social Networking to your WordPress Site

I have now added social networking to my blog. For anyone who has a wordpress website and wants to become “social” listen up because I am going to explain what I have done and how you can do it. Here’s what I have done,

  1. Facebook Comments can be left on any wordpress page or post where comments are enabled.
  2. Facebook “Like” Buttons are now on all posts
  3. A Facebook fan Page has been created which allows the ability to “Like” this website.
  4. A twitter news feed has been set up

1. Facebook Comments

Comments are like a jar of candy. Everyone has an opinion and the only thing keeping them from expressing it is that the jar is a little out of reach. However the jar of facebook comment candy is the easiest form of candy to reach and website viewers may not be able to resist leaving a comment.

Users who are logged in to facebook can leave a comment on any post or page that has wordpress comments enabled without any hastle. In fact when they leave a comment on your website, the comment also appears in their facebook profile for all of their friends to read. For every person who leaves a comment, your website is being advertised hundreds of times to all their friends. There are also options that allow you to moderate the comments so you’re not opening yourself up to bad publicity.

The facebook comments are enabled by a plugin called Facebook Comments For WordPress.It is highly configurable. Watch this great video on how to install and configure the plugin.

2. Facebook Like Buttons on All Posts and Pages

How do you know what people really like on your blog? You could spend countless hours pouring through the server logs or … you could just ask them! The facebook like button quickly gives web viewers the ability to thumbs up your individual posts and pages with their facebook account. The like appears on their wall and again it is extra advertising. As the likes stack up, you can see what content is the most popular.

Another thing that is great about this plugin is that it is included as a part of the facebook comments for wordpress plugin. If you install the plugin for comments, you get the like plugin with it! Check out the video (same video as above) for instructions on installation and configuration.

3. A Facebook fan Page has been created which allows the ability to “Like” this website.

Look to the right size bar and you may see something very familiar. A like button with a box full of facebook profile pictures of people that like When someone likes your “website,” as opposed to post of page, they essentially add themselves to your “facebook newsletter” or fan page.

On facebook you can easily set up a fan page for your business, band, club, group, whatever. On the fan page you can release news about your group. This news is then fed into the facebook feeds of the people who have liked your website. Setting up a website like box is how you get people to initially like you.

Here’s another great video, most likely, supported by a large number of views by The Marketing Heaven, that explains the process of adding the like button box to your wordpress website.

4. Twitter News Feed

A twitter news feed (as shown to the right) shows people you are “doing things,” thus building trust and personality. The twitter news feed is easy to install. Here is the Wicket Twitter Widget. You can install it like any other wordpress widget/plugin. Just remember to update your twitter account relatively frequently otherwise you’ll look like you’ve disappeared.

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