Language Learning Goals

I have had some of the best times of my life traveling to several spots around the world. As a traveler I have found that I can make an instant friend when I talk to someone in their language even if it is only to say thank you. So I have decided that I will make it a goal to

  • Learn 2 languages other than English
  • Learn basic phrases and conversation in 10 Languages
  • Learn how to say hello in every language.

I currently speak English Fluently. Speak beginner Russian and Spanish.

Currently I know how to say hi in.

Russian: Previet
Spanish: Hola
French: Bonjour
English: Hi
Ukrainian: Yack Shamash
Danish: Goddag
German: Guten Tag
Korean: Ona hasaio
Chinese: Ne How
Italian: Ciao

I’ll be sure to expand this list quickly.

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2 Responses to Language Learning Goals

  1. Did you learn the Ukrainian one from Borat? 😀

  2. chris says:

    Well, I said previet to a Ukrainian. It ended much better than the time I said previet to a Polish guy.

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