Manually Upgrade WordPress

This video and article explains how to easily manually upgrade wordpress.

  1. Download the new wordpress
    • Go to and download the new wordpress. As of writing this article the current version is 3.1.2.
  2. Upload the wordpress zip file to your server
    • Get a ftp client (I recommend FileZilla for all operating systems)
    • Login to your ftp account and find the wordpress root directory of your website. You’ll know its the root directory if you see a lot of wp-this and wp-that files.
    • Upload the wordpress zip file.
  3. Unzip and install the new wordpress
    • Get an ssh client. For Linux and Mac I recommend just using the “ssh” command line just like in the video. For windows I recommend either installing Cygwin and using the ssh command in it or there is the SSH Secure Shell.
    • Login to the ssh client.
    • Run the following code putting the paths that are correct for your server.

      #Change directory to the wordpress root directory.
      cd /path/to/root/
      #Unzip the wordpress file this will unzip the components in a
      #new folder titled wordpress
      #Go into the new wordpress folder
      cd wordpress
      #Copy all of the new wordpress files into the parent directory
      #make sure you are in the correct directory
      #/path/to/root/wordpress/ You can type in "pwd" to know what
      #directory you are in
      cp -Rf * ../
      #wordpress software is now updated, now just to clean up the
      #extra files. Go to the parent directort
      cd ../
      #remove the wordpress zip file and the extra directory make
      #sure you are in the /path/to/root/ directory
      rm -R wordpress
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