Starace – Tron Inspired Beryl Theme For Linux

I’ve been working on making eye candy for my new Linux laptop. I decided to go with a Tron like theme. The first thing I did is make an emerald beryl window decorator theme called Starace.

I am releasing the Starace Theme under the creative commons license share alike license. Feel free to download and mix up the theme! All I ask is that if you have a facebook, please “like” my website.

Download Starace Emerald Beryl Theme



Starace Tron Inspired Beryl Emerald Theme


  1. Be sure you have emerald and compiz installed on your computer.
  2. Use alt-F2 and enter “fusion-icon –no-start”. A new icon should appear in your main panel
  3. Right click on the icon go to select window decorator and select emerald.
  4. Use alt-F2 and type “emerald-theme-manager -i %f”. This pops up the emerald themer window.
  5. Select import and find the Starace.emerald file you downloaded above
  6. Type alt-F2 and type the command “emerald –replace”

Starace should now be the beryl windows decorator theme.

On the newer versions of Ubuntu and Mint there is an issue with the emerald in the sofware manager being corrupt. In this case see this article to use a different ppa. You can know if you have this issue if you get a “segmentation fault” error if you type in “emerald –replace” into the terminal.


I credit the divergence theme for the initial inspiration for Starace along with the original button graphics that I modified.

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